GO2bank Review: The Ultimate Mobile Bank Account

Feb 2, 2021Bank Accounts

GO2bank is the new kid on the block in the online banking world. They have gained traction across the United States and market themselves as “The Ultimate Mobile Bank Account. Simple. Seamless. Smart”, but is it true? Is it as good as they claim? Here we’ll look at:

  • What is GO2 Bank?
  • Is GO2 Bank a smart choice for my current situation?
  • What are the advantages of using GO2 Bank?
  • How is their mobile app?
  • Is their customer support reliable?
  • Should I go with a GO2 Bank account?

What is GO2 Bank?

GO2 Bank is an online mobile bank account that is a product under the Green Dot umbrella of products and is FDIC insured. Because they are an online bank, they don’t have to pay for a big brick and mortar building that has to be heated and cooled. They don’t pay for it to be cleaned at night and stocked with pens and paper either. Without these costs, GO2bank can pass these savings to their customers! Go2bank customers get great terms for things like savings account interest, no monthly fees, overdraft protection, no ATM fees, and more.


Is GO2 Bank a Smart Choice for My Current Situation?

For most people using a traditional brick and mortar bank like Chase or Wells Fargo, there are a lot of advantages to switching to GO2bank. Depending on your income, you may be paying fees every month just to keep your bank account open at places like Chase where they may charge $12 a month. This is something that traditional banks have done for years. If you hold less than a few thousand dollars in your account, they will then charge you a monthly account operation fee. It is crazy because if you have more money in the account they won’t charge that same fee.


This is a case of the system being against the “little guy” or those living paycheck to paycheck. Does it make any sense to charge people more who have less income? No, it doesn’t but big banks like Bank of America have been doing it forever. This is one of the main reasons Go2bank has seen a huge increase in the number of online banks like them over the years. It is with almost 100% certainty that reducing your monthly costs is something you should do. From strictly a monetary standpoint, GO2bank is better than all the big banks.


What are the Advantages of Using GO2bank?

As we’ve mentioned, GO2bank is an online-only bank, which means there are some cost savings and mobility advantages right off the bat.

  • No monthly fees with eligible direct deposit
  • No ATM Transaction fees at partner ATM’s
  • Savings Account rates better than industry standards
  • FDIC Insured up to $250,000
  • High-quality mobile app
  • Fraud prevention alerts
  • Lock or unlock your card as you like
  • Cards with EMV chips
  • Overdraft protection up to $200
  • Get paid up to 2 days early
  • Get government benefits up to 4 days early
  • Pay your bills from GO2bank mobile app
  • Cash a check from the mobile app
  • Earn up to 7% cashback when you buy eGift Cards in the GO2bank app
  • Deposit cash from partner retail stores
  • Build credit with a secure credit card

Many different online banks will have similar benefits but GO2bank’s list of customer benefits is larger and more innovative than the others out there. Green Dot has been breaking ground in the banking and payment industry since 1999 and GO2bank is benefitting from its innovative track record.


How is Their Mobile App?

This is one of the places that GO2bank shines. Large traditional banks are often left behind when it comes to modern technology, especially now with the advent of smartphones and mobile devices. GO2bank has a long history of innovation within the banking and payments industry. The GO2bank mobile banking app reflects that track record of innovation and banking technology.


Some traditional banks seem to have developed their mobile apps in the 1990’s considering the state they are in. GO2bank is a leading developer of mobile banking technology and their app is highly touted as an industry-leading standard. Easy to use and efficient, GO2 Bank will improve your day to day banking activities from the palm of your hand.


Is their Customer Support Reliable?

Because of how complete the mobile banking system is, you often won’t need assistance as everything is at your fingertips. If you need help though you can get it at a moment’s notice. GO2bank is an online-only bank with no physical stores, but that doesn’t mean they lack superb customer assistance and support. In fact, because they are online-only, they have streamlined their customer support system in a way that makes traditional banks look like they’re from a forgotten era. Support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. It should come as no surprise that their hold times are shorter than big banks.


Should I go With a GO2bank account?

Yes. Of course! Where you bank is entirely up to you, but we would recommend GO2bank to our closest friends and family. The ease of access, the low costs, the speed at which you can bank with GO2bank are just the tip of the iceberg. Big banks have taken advantage of their customers for far too long. How is it that Chase became one of the largest companies on the planet? They made a lot of money off their banking customers.


If you’re sick of paying too much for basic banking, GO2bank should be an easy choice.


Make the Switch Today: GO2bank



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